How do I book?
Contact us from the website or via phone at (831) 659-0151.  Our toll free phone number is (800) 304-6838 access code 00.

What will my deposit be?
Your deposit depends on the cruise line.  For example, Silversea’s deposit is 25%, Paul Gauguin’s is 20%, while Crystal’s is 20%.  This is based on voyage and suite type.  If you decide to Travel protection, some of these policies are paid with deposit.

Is it refundable? 

Refunds are based on cruise line policy.  For example, Silversea charges a $200 per suite administrative cancellation fee if cancelled prior to final payment. Where as, Crystal Cruises cruise fare is fully refundable if cancelled prior to final payment. After the final payment date, Crystal & Silversea strictly enforce cancellation penalties. MmMmTravel highly recommends Travel Insurance.

Do I have to be a wine club member to participate in a winery hosted cruise? Can I invite friends?
For most of our Taste of Life Voyages , you do not have to be a wine club member. However, some wineries will stipulate that only wine club members can participate.  If this is the case, it will be identified on our website. We encourage you to invite friends and family to join you on the cruise. Please note, in order to participate in group activities, they will need to book the cruise through MmMmTravel.

Is the entire ship part of the group?  Can anyone aboard participate in the activities?
Participants in our group activities are offered only to guests who book through MmMmTravel.  We feel that the small group format offers an exceptional experience and is more rewarding.   Guests that book directly through the cruiseline or elsewhere will not have access to our host’s group activities. Occasionally, our hosts will offer one tasting that is open to the entire ship.

How large is the group?
Our groups range in size from 14 to 50 guests.

What kinds of activities will be offered?
Activities are determined by the number of days at sea, the ports that are being visited and specialty of the host.  Aboard the ship, events may include receptions, wine dinners, food and wine pairings, tastings, lectures and cooking demonstrations. In some Italian and French ports, we have connections that allow us to offer special lunches, winery visits and tastings.  Whenever possible, our chef hosts will offer market walks.

What is the cost to participate in the group?
For the most part, there are no additional costs to participate in our onboard activities.  There can be additional costs involved with exclusive optional shore excursions due to transportation and other expenses.  These will be advised.

Is there a minimum?
We do have a minimum number for the cruise host to attend. Typically that number is 18 guests.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Travel insurance is always a good idea and is highly recommended.  Most of our guests choose to protect their vacation investment in this way, however it is optional. Many guests take travel protection not because of their own health, but because they are worried about the health of a family member. Give us a call, or email your questions, we’re happy to help you determine which insurance is right for you based on your concerns.

Can MmMmTravel assist me in my other travel plans?
We are happy to assist you with all your travel plans surrounding your cruise. We can help you with all arrangements including your airfare, private transfers, pre and post cruise hotels, private tours and more.

Are there benefits for paying with my American Express through Silversea?
We have a partnership with American Express to offer American Express Platinum & Centurion card members special amenities onboard Silversea. American Express Platinum members will receive a bottle of Dom Perignon and a $150 per person (max $300 per suite) shipboard credit.  Centurion Members receive a $250 per person shipboard credit (Max $500 per suite) and bottle of Dom Perignon. To receive these amenities, the card must be non-branded and must be used for the cruise deposit and final payment. (Note: Costco and Delta American Express Platinum Cards are branded, and therefore are excluded from these benefits)

Is airfare included in the cruise fare?
No, air is not included on any of our cruises, however it is available to be purchased through some cruise lines. Here at MmMmTravel, we are also happy to assist you with your airfare arrangements.

I booked this cruise directly through the cruiseline, and then found out you have a group onboard.  Can I participate in your activities?
If  you have not yet made your final payment, you can call the cruise line and ask them to release the booking to Michael Mastrocola’s Millennium. Once the booking has been released to us, we can add you to our group, and you can participate in our activities.

If I use Silversea’s air program can I extend my travel dates?
Absolutely.  Depending on when you decide to extend your vacation, Silversea charges a per person non-refundable $100 to $250 administrative flight deviation fee.  If there are increased fares associated with your request, we will notify you prior to confirming your changes. If you deviate your flights from the day of embarkation and disembarkation, Silversea will hold you responsible for your own transfers to and from the airport and ship (of course, here at MmMmTravel, we are happy to help). Complete terms and conditions are here.

What is the Venetian Society?  Do Venetian Society Members get discounts on your cruises?
Venetian Society Members are people who’ve previously sailed on Silversea.  Silversea offers Venetian Society Members an additional 5% saving on select voyages.  If one of our voyages is a Venetian Sailing, you will receive the additional savings when booked through us.  Additionally, if you book one of our cruises while you are aboard a Silversea ship, you will receive an additional 5% savings, and you can invite another new-to-Silversea guest to join you with the same savings.

I’m a travel agent, how do I book my clients into your group?
Please contact us for our policies.

I attended a seminar and want to use my vouchers, what do I need to do?
Unfortunately, you’ve got the wrong company.  Based on research the company you are possibly looking for is Millennium Travel and Promotions out of Florida.  We don’t sell timeshares, or offer free airline tickets, etc for attending a seminar, in fact, we don’t offer seminars, unless they are food and wine based, at sea as a part of our cruise collection.