AMAWaterways Deck Plans

AmaBella (2010), AmaVerde (2011)

Providing the ultimate in custom-designed luxury, this 161-passenger vessel offers twin balcony staterooms, a heated swimming pool, fitness center, and much more.


AmaCerto (2012), AmaPrima (2013), AmaSonata (2014), AmaReina (2014), AmaVenita (2015), AmaSerena (2015)

These 164-passenger vessels incorporate the most advanced design offering spacious staterooms featuring our exclusive twin balconies, multiple dining venues, heated pool, Internet/WiFi access and more.

AmaStella (2016), AmaViola (2016) and AmaKristina (2017)

This 158-passenger vessel boasts spacious staterooms with our exclusive Twin Balconies, a choice of dining venues, a heated pool with swim-up bar, in-room Internet access and more.

AmaCello (2008), AmaDolce (2009), AmaLyra (2009), AmaDante (2008), AmaLegro (2007), AmaDagio (2006)

This spectacular 146-passenger ship features spacious staterooms, most with French Balconies, whirlpool, Internet/WiFi access and more.