Grasing’s Lobster Risotto with Autumn Vegetables

1# Arborio rice cooked
12 oz. Raw lobster meat or lightly cooked and de-shelled- cut into ½” cubes.
¼ c Red onion ¼” diced
¼ c Parsnips ¼” diced
¼ c Butternut squash ¼” diced
¼ c Sweet potatoes or yams ¼” diced
¼ c Carrot ¼” diced
¼ c Butter
¼ c Madeira or Brandy
1 c Stock ½ c Asiago or Parmesan (Truffle oil optional)

To prepare: Cook rice in water; stirring well cook until done. Remove from heat and pour out on a pan and cool. Slowly stew vegetables in butter in a medium size-heavy gauge pot stirring to glaze vegetables without burning, until the vegetables become “Al Dente”. Add lobster and continue to glaze with vegetables. Deglaze with Madeira or Brandy. Add rice and stir until smooth; adding stock as necessary.

To Serve: Divide into four serving bowls Finish with cheese; and drizzle lightly with truffle oil if desired.

Serves 4