Lobster Salad on Brioche with Orange-Vanilla Vinaigrette

Lobster Salad on Brioche with Orange-Vanilla Vinaigrette

Executive Chef Robert Curry
Servers 4

2          cups     Orange Juice (about 6 oranges)
1          oz.        Ginger, peeled and sliced
¼         ea.        Vanilla Bean, split and scraped
2          ea.        Star Anise
1 ½       tsp        Thai Fish Sauce
4          ea.        Limes, juiced
1          T          Dijon Mustard
1          ea.        Fennel Bulb, bruniose (very small dice)
1          ea.        Small Avocado, pit and skin removed, diced
4          ea.        Slice of Brioche, cut round
½         cup       Pure Olive Oil
½         cup       Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2          ea.        1 ¼ lb. Lobsters
10         ea.        Leaves of Baby Lola Rosa Lettuce, washed
to taste             Salt and Pepper


* In a small pan, place the orange juice, ginger, vanilla and star anise.
* Reduce until ¾ cup remains. Strain and reserve in a bowl.
* When at room temperature, add the limejuice, mustard and Thai fish sauce.
* Slowly whisk in the olive oils, reserve.
* Boil a large pot of salted water.  Add the lobsters.  When they float, remove them from the water (about 5 minutes).
* Remove the tail and claw meat.  Dice the claw meat.  Slice the tails in half length-wise.
* Toast the brioche.
* Mix the avocado, fennel, claw meat, salt and pepper and enough dressing to coat well.
* Divide this salad on the plates.  Place the toasted brioche on top.  Toss the tails and lola rosa with vinaigrette to coat, season with salt and pepper.
* Place the tails on the brioche.  Top with a small bouquet of lola rosa.  Drizzle some vinaigrette around the plates and serve.