Meet the Team

Michael Mastrocola

One could say that Michael was born into traveling.  His father Mario, born and raised in Rome, Italy, worked for QANTAS Airline, and later owned his own travel agency.  Having first set foot in Italy (and lived there for a year) at the tender age of seven, Michael now leads trips there himself. He cherishes every aspect of traveling and is rooted in his strong Italian heritage. After graduating from Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, he circumnavigated the world, being brought face to face with the vast diversity of culture, history, art, food and language, simply by traveling.

He began working in travel in 1975, and in 1997 combined his passion for travel with his love of food and wine, and Millennium’s Tastes of Life Worth Pursuing Collection was developed. This exclusive collection has been a sensation, attracting gourmet savvy guests from all over the world. He quickly adopted a specialized presence, partnering with individuals and organizations sharing a similar passion for excellence and a commitment for creating meaningful experiences. Millennium’s Food & Wine Cruise Collection offers inspiring travel programs with opportunities for personal discovery, cultural activities, culinary treasures and a zest for life. These adventures bring imaginative experiences to those too busy to research and plan, but desire the finest travel service to pair extraordinary arrangements.

Michael is recognized as a knowledgeable resource for his clients, and often develops a strong family-like bond of trust and camaraderie with them, even though they may never meet in person.  Over the years Michael is honored to have partnered with some of the most prestigious vintners, wineries and culinary professionals such as John Shafer, Margaret Duckhorn, Kathleen Heitz and Michel Escoffier.  A longer list of clients can be found on our “the Company We Keep” Page.

Michael is actively involved in the SCU Alumni. He is one of Silversea’s Top 5 Producers in the country, and a wine and food fanatic.

Moriah  A. Clarke

Moriah has a diverse background with experience in travel, marketing & design, sales, event planning and customer service. Moriah wears many hats in our team, and has her own East Coast home office in Georgia where she keeps things running smoothly from afar with a “peachy” dab of southern charm. She loves travel, sky diving, volunteering, kayaking, hiking with her German Shepherd, and getting lost in art and history museums around the world.

Favorite vacation location you’ve visited: The Amalfi Coast, Ephesus, Heidelberg, Iceland, Santorini, Paris, Rome… too many to list!
Places you can’t wait to visit: Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Galapagos Islands – a World Cruise sounds about right!
Favorite travel accessory: Small language phrase books
Favorite museum: Orsay Museum, Paris;  Capitoline Museum, Rome; Nat’l Archaeological Museum, Athens
Favorite kitchen tool: My wine opener
Favorite Quote: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
Favorite location in the US: Blue Ridge Parkway, NC; Carmel Valley, CA; Savannah, GA
Favorite wine region: Napa, California & Bordeaux, France
Favorite author: Tina Fey, Anais Nin, Ayn Rand, Michael Chrichton…. and Rick Steves of course


Renee Bradley



Favorite vacation location you’ve visited: New Zealand, Costa Rica, Seychelles
Place you can’t wait to visit: Africa, Alaska, Italy, Thailand, Canada… just to name a few!
Favorite travel memory Bungee jumping off the Kawarau Bridge is Queenstown, NZ – swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles – zip lining through the cloud forest in Costa Rica.
Dream vacation: Hmm… so many ideas! I would love to go on Safari and photograph lions and elephants in the wild!
Favorite location in the US: My hometown of Santa Barbara, CA is hard to beat.. but a road trip around the USA would probably reveal some hidden gems that I have not seen yet!
Favorite travel accessory: My Camera
Favorite holiday: I was born on Thanksgiving – so naturally it’s my favorite holiday, plus I love the Thanksgiving feast!
Loves/likes/hobbies: Photography, animals, travel, discovering new hiking trails, trips to lake Nacimiento, the CA coast, and good food & drinks with friends and family.