0 Comments | Jan 13, 2011

A suitcase and an eBook Reader

I am gearing up for travel.  For Christmas this year I asked for a suitcase and an eBook Reader.  These are magical gifts, like a car…they open up worlds.  When I traveled to Europe I carried far too many pounds of books, since I’m an avid reader and was anticipating a lot of time in trains and train stations. I’ve had my Kobo for a week, and I’m in love with it, I’m almost looking forward to all the time I’m going to spend in airports and on airplanes this year.

I leave for Panama on December 29 and return on January 10.  I’ve heard many wonderful things about Panama; from the shopping to the jungles, to the people and the food. And I’ve got that giddiness that comes with starting an adventure.  My daily routine is interrupted with random thoughts about contacting my bank and notifying them that I’m traveling, and wondering how many pairs of shoes to pack. But this is only the first of two trips I have planned for the first quarter of 2011.

On March 28, my husband and I board the Silver Shadow on v3105 from Hong Kong to Singapore. (There is still space, great pricing and a shipboard credit available on this voyage!)  We’ll be exploring the coastline of Vietnam.  This will be my first trip to Asia and my husband Paul’s first cruise.  Afterward, we’ll be spending time in Thailand and maybe Cambodia with Bodhi Garrett, Paul’s best friend and founder of Andaman Discoveries, a community-based ecotourism program that just won Wild Asia’s Best Tourism Operator Award.   We’re looking forward to checking out their programs and seeing the new addition to his family.

With a new suitcase, a new website and new adventures lined up, 2011 looks to be an excellent year!  Happy New Year everyone!  ~ Candace