Covid-19 & Cruising

In the 40 years that I have been in the Travel Business, I have traveled around the world many times, sailed on dozens of ships, to hundreds of ports, and made thousands of friends . . . I thought I had seen it all. Yet I never imagined I would ever see travel at a standstill. Today our main concern is your health, safety and financial security. Now is when we ask for your patience. At this critical time worrying about your travel plans, deadlines and due dates should take a back seat to you. Our staff will continue to work throughout this extraordinary event to remind you about critical timelines and dates that arise, and keep you updated with any and all changes, modifications, or alterations to your future voyages that may affect your finances.  We pledge to keep you informed in a timely and transparent manner of all matters.

What’s most important to me is your health, safety and comfort. For the next month, we recommend that you avoid travel anywhere away from home. This is not an easy thing for me to say, but it’s the right thing for the time being. The Cruise Lines are doing the right thing. Most refund or give you a 100% Future Cruise credit when you cancel – and better still most will give you a 25% return credit on the money you paid them for the cruise, if they cancel the cruise before you do. As new travel policies are announced, we will let you know how they affect you and your plans.

We believe that travel is an essential part of the human experience. Part of the pain of this situation is seeing our favorite destinations empty, people across the globe affected, and of course, our favorite wineries & restaurants closer to home disturbed as well. What we do know in this very uncertain time is that we will come back from this as we have before. Travel enriches our lives, expands our hearts and minds, and creates unforgettable memories with family, friends, and strangers who become friends along the way. The days to explore and marvel at this wonderful world will come again, and when it does, we will still be here to help you.

If you have a current reservation with us we encourage you to keep it for the time being to see how the situation develops, knowing that your risk is greatly diminished by the cruise line’s updated more generous cancellation policies. We have found that waiting for the cruise line and airline to cancel their trip will provide you with a greater benefit than clients initiating a cancellation now. For example some cruise lines have offered options of a full refund or a bonus value for a future cruise, by waiting for them to cancel. My staff will remind you of any urgent deadlines and updated policies so you can make an informed decision with the most current information direct from the source.

Author John Steinbeck writes, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” Travel is that much more enjoyable after a long period of time when there is a lack of. The stories, memories, and friendships carry you through your everyday life until the moment you can do it all again. Like a cold winter day, you count down the days till the sun shines and new experiences can be made. 

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